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Sleep Solution

M.I. Clouds Sleep Solution:

  • Significantly Improves Sleep Quality

  • Noticeably Reduces Snoring and Apnea

  • Conforms to International Safety Standards

  • Maintenance Free 



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The M.I. Cloud Sleep device is an effective and convenient solution for common sleep disorders. It has thoroughly been tested for effectiveness in sleep labs with consistently successful results

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How it Works

During Sleep the Soft Palate relaxes and Obstructs the Air Passage Causing Snoring and in Severe Cases Apnea

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The Magnetic Interference Cloud Tones up the Palate and Opens the Air Passage.

Blood Circulation in Throat Area Improves within 3 Minutes of Use

Improved Blood Oxygenation

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Normally it takes 5 hrs to reach maximum oxygen saturation in blood during sleep with multiple fluctuations

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Using M.I.Cloud, Maximum Blood Oxygen Saturation is achieved in 1.5hrs with minimum fluctuations

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