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M.I. Cloud For HealthCare

M.I. Cloud Technology has the unique ability to improve blood circulation on any targeted area of the body just within a few minutes of use.

All of our products and solutions strictly comply with the recommendations and guidelines of WHO and ICNIRP





Using M.I. Cloud Device for 3 Minutes

Image by National Cancer Institute


The Magnetic Interference Cloud Works by Modifying the Surface Free Energy of Liquids and Strengthening the Intermolecular Bonds.

Surface Tension Positive_edited_edited.p

Without M.I. Cloud

Surface Tension Positive_edited_edited.png
Surface Tension Positive_edited_edited.png

With M.I. Cloud

Change in Surface Tension of A Drop of water Under M.I. Cloud Influence Observed  Through a Microscope



This change in Surface Free Energy Tones Up the Blood Vessels thus Making it Easier for the Blood to Flow Smoothly. The video demonstrates impact on blood flow in the Feet just within a few minutes of using the M.I.Cloud Device.


Sleep Improvement

  • Snoring and Apnea

  • Sleep Quality

Body Temperature  Maintenance

  • Prevent body temperature of hands and feet from dropping in cold climate 

Sports Performance & Recovery

  • Performance

  • Strength

  • Recovery

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