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M.I. Cloud For Energy Saving

M.I. Cloud Energy Saving Device Helps to boost Thermal Convection resulting in Faster Transfer of Heat and Lower Consumption of Energy

In the image are two tanks 30L each filled with water and heated with 3000 KW heating element for 8 minutes. The more red and yellow color in tank with M.I. Cloud device can be observed which indicates more more hot water. This energy saving of M.I. Cloud has been certified by TUV SUD.


Without M.I. Cloud

With M.I. Cloud

Compare _ 3 & 8 min (M).jpg
Image by Tom Gainor



The Magnetic Interference Cloud is Reversed in this case to Reduce the Surface Free Energy of Liquids and hence Weakening the Intermolecular Bonds.

Surface Tension Negative.jpg
Surface Tension Positive_edited.png
Surface Tension Negative.jpg



The Weakened Intermolecular Bonds from the M.I. Cloud Influence Results in Faster Transfer of Heat and Reduction in Water Layering which Results from Uneven heating in the Tank.

Change in Surface Tension of A Drop of Water Under M.I. Cloud Influence Observed  Through a Microscope

With HE.jpg
Without HE (R).jpg

Side View of Water Tank


WithOut M.I. Cloud

With M.I. Cloud

Domestic Water Heaters

  • TUV Certified for Energy Saving

  • Can be Retrofitted in any Domestic Water Heater

Commercial Boilers and Heaters

  • Device can be modified to suit Commercial Heating Requirements

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